Scientists tell us that the global average temperatures over land have warmed 1.4 degree F since 1880. But how have temperatures changed here in the US, in my state, in my congressional district? This site compares the global warming with temperature trends at local levels. Find your state …

Comments on 2020: Even though there was a significant drop in global CO2 emissions, global mean temperatures from weather stations on land were the highest on record. Global warming is mainly driven by atmospheric concentration of CO2 which increased 2 parts per million to 415 (see trend from Mauna Loa ). To arrest the warming we need to reduce the global CO2 concentration, not just emissions. Natural removal processes are slow; once a molecule of CO2 is in the atmosphere it stays there for 100 years or more. So unless we geo-engineer the climate, this problem will be with us for a long time.

The ocean continued its steady absorption of heat energy. The ocean heat content is a fundamental indicator of global warming since it absorbs ~90% of the heat energy trapped by greeenhouse gases. The remaining 10% of heat energy is absorbed by glaciers and sea ice (6%) and the atmosphere (4%).

If you feel your elected officials are not doing enough to address the climate please contact them. Feel free to use any material on this site. February 7, 2021